Drake "march 14"


I remember listening to drake for the first time on MySpace. “SAY WHAT'S REAL” made me a fan for life.  "Cable Installer" was my job title then. I'd drive house to house in the company van pumping all of "SO FAR GONE" on her iPod. Was always bummed when she asked for it back. 


I remember struggling to find the inspiration to play guitar in Christian’s garage where he let me crash @ his place for 3 months that one winter. Had work the next morning, 6:30am, like always. Something clicked that day. I looked at a co-worker who'd been there for just as much time as i'd been alive & I said "nope."


I remember surprising her to see DRAKE perform somewhere in LA. "THANK ME LATER" just came out, & "THE RESISTANCE" was on repeat i wrote this. The tickets I bought turned out to be fake & they turned us away at the door. She looked so good in that dress, I felt so bad. 


I remember sending T-MINUS a video of me playing guitar over "SHE WILL", a song by Lil Wayne that he produced. I can't believe he wrote me back. We were at Red Lobster celebrating mom's bday the next night when I saw the tweet. 


I remember showing up to the studio in Burbank one night & meeting T. I gazed over the OVO "TAKE CARE" varsity jacket that hung over his chair. He played me "SWIMMING POOLS" that night.


I remember the 4 year break between me & T's next excursion. I learned so much about myself during that time & had to graduate. I used the fuel from that season to propel me to the next & finally moved to LA. It was lit. 


I remember finally linking with T again after all these years. "MORE LIFE" was a month away from release. We'd talk, make beats, eat, and repeat. OVO fest was here before we knew it. Standing next to T while DRAKE performed "SACRIFICES" was epic. It was chaos & madness navigating through those hallways. He sat on a big brown leather chair waiting for the next guest, room was quiet as we walked in. It was just all of us.


I'll never forget the first night at the studio in MIAMI. I'm really here for a week to make music with these guys. DRAKE played us a few new songs that night. I could see him looking my direction from my peripherals as the music played. Waiting to see my reaction to new tunes, I'd assume. I remember vibing to it but also waiting for my mind to catch up with reality of the scenario at hand. I was the only one on that side of the room.


I'll never forget the bars he set. "GODS PLAN" had just gone #1. But he worked as if he was still searching for the album single. "GODS PLAN" is the #1 song in the world in that very moment. It's really DRAKE vs DRAKE. He set the expectations for the rest of the trip. 


I'll never forget the idea he vibed to & complimented. I had made that loop with DIEGO at his new house in Lancaster about a week ago. It was the first loop we made together, there's something special about the first. He's crazy talented. 


I'll never forget the convos in the main room. "THE MOTTO" was made after a brief convo between TMINUS & DRAKE during the TAKE CARE years. The "MARCH 14" beat started after the 3 of us had a convo of our own. We all put on headphones shortly after in search for something that felt good. I heard something I felt & sampled it on my OP1.


I'll never forget the moment we walked back to our room. There aren't that many days left on the trip. SuperBowl Sunday is tomorrow. I pressed play on my OP. "What's that?". Felt like we were back in the main room within the hour. Felt like I was at the Battle of the beat makers arms crossed showcasing our skills & I'm teamed up with T-MINUS. I still can't believe he tweeted me back back in '11. 


I'll never forget the expressions while we played DRAKE our new music. Someone else was sitting on that side of the room this time, & DRAKE's looking their way. Then turns to someone else. Then looks at me. I'm moving, rocking my head & body back and forth. "THIS IS HARD!" He said with a screwface, but i couldn't hear. The kick & snare was knocking through the speakers behind me.


I'll never forget SuperBowl Sunday. I had 3 Virginia Black's for the first time that night. It was smooth. I had some shisha with Habibiz. NAJIB always texts me "it's a habibiz ting eh?". That might be his favorite DRAKE line. Eagles won the SuperBowl that night confirming that I'm living in an alternate universe. I was so happy for GAMBY though.


I'll never forget eating pasta on the kitchen island w T & DRAKE. I'm sure this chef has been featured somewhere on netflix but I hadn't been online in a minute. "Yo DRAKE, what's your favorite song you've ever done?", I asked. He put down his plate & really thought about it for a while. "There's so many, I can't pick one. I can't think of one."  I couldn't either. 


I'll never forget building the courage to share my introduction to his music back in the day. We both went over some TAKE CARE & NWTS favorites. Always dope when someone barely knows you yet knows your name. Proper greetings & dismissals. Everyone at OVO made me feel welcomed. 


I'll never forget exchanging brief stories with Inal, Theo, & Noel. Inal's giving me my first tat, no questions. Noel made some of my favorites off SCORPION. He dropped a gem at the studio. I picked it up, I don't think he knows though. I was playing on the upright by myself one night in the studio & Theo snapped a pic. I wonder how it came out.

Here's a few of mine: 

*I didn't take that one^

*I didn't take that one^

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