I recently got to work and hang with one of my favorite artists, H.E.R. 
T-Minus and I recently discovered H.E.R.'s music earlier this year through a friend, immediately caught a vibe, and wanted to get in the studio to work with her, asap! God's timing is literally the best. T & I happened to meet one of H.E.R.'s writers, Hue ("Every Kind of Way", "Losing", "Wait For It", "Say It Again", "Still Down" & "I Won't"). He's pretty much the greatest legend of all time. T met Hue first at Bryson Tiller's house during a hang/video shoot. After that meet, T invited Hue to a studio where I would meet him. We all hit it off pretty quick and became bros in a short amount of time (gang, gang). Sometimes God just lines up the right people for you at the right time for the right reasons. It was more than just music or networking, Hue is just all around good people to have in your corner.
Fast forward to the SET IT OFF TOUR, H.E.R is opening up for Bryson Tiller in Toronto & you know I'm catching a flight to catch the show with my broski T & friends. 
H.E.R. is one of the most gifted artist & musicians I've encountered in a long time. A true performer & artist in every form. We briefly got meet her backstage in the green room. Big hair, white shades, dressed in comfy OVO gear, fresh off taking a polaroid with Daniel Caesar... we introduce ourselves... "Great show, love your music. We gotta link, would love to work with you." She was really sweet. I'll have to share other moments that took place backstage in a another story cause it was a special night! 
But anyways, Hue was already putting in the word with HER & trying to set something up with us all. A few convos later amongst others & the session dates were set! 
It was a great couple of days filled with good people, laughs, tacos, & to top it all off, we made some great music. Very thankful for T for bringing me along & let me be part of his sessions, as always. Highlight during the 2 days was sitting next to H.E.R. by the piano as she doodled & sang part of "Focus" (Heart eyes emoji). Hopefully this will be the first of many good hangs with these great people! 
Check out some photos from the sessions below. 

Photography by Elizabeth A Miranda
October 8th & 9th

Listen to H.E.R.

Check out H.E.R's official video for "EVERY KIND OF WAY" 
(co-written by my bro, HUE)